Please call Claire Ingram on 01778 391000 for current rate cards, publication dates and details.

Mechanical data.

Bleed page 303 x 216mm, trims to 297 x 210mm (A4). vital matter should be at least 8mm from the edge.

Whole page: 270mm x 182mm
Half page upright: 270mm x 85mm
Half page across: 129mm x 182mm
Quarter page across: 61mm x 182mm
Eighth page: 61mm x 85mm
Sixteenth page: 27mm x 85mm

Computer files

Files need to be in Apple Macintosh format (although ‘text only’ can be supplied as ASCII on a PC disk). Adverts should be prepared using Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop (at 300dpi).

PDF Files

PDF files are only acceptable when saved in high (print) resolution with all fonts, graphics and photos embedded. Please make sure that all originals are scanned at 300dpi, saved as CMYK (not RGB) and are not compressed as JPEG files (they must be Tiff or EPS files). Failure to supply PDFs to these specifications may result in poor reproduction.


For best reproduction please provide original artwork/photographs rather than photocopied or printed material. Please check that there is no breach of copyright if supplying drawings or photographs from brochures or other printed matter.

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