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  • An Introduction to Antenna Modelling

    An Introduction to Antenna Modelling For many years the only way for most radio amateurs to work out how well an antenna design would work was to build it and find out. The arrival of computer based antenna modelling programmes has changed this. This book looks at the Free MMANA-GAL antenna modelling program that will […]

  • Antennas Mastered

    Antennas Mastered Peter Dodd, G3LDO has long been acknowledged as one of the leading experts on antennas in the world. For over a decade he has been the regular antenna columnist of the Radio Society of Great Britain’s journal RadCom. This book brings together in a scrapbook format his work from this regular column and […]

  • Building Sucessful HF Antennas

    Building Sucessful HF Antennas Any metal structure can be made to radiate – to work as an antenna – provided it can be persuaded to accept RF power from a transmitter. But is it working efficiently? How can it be improved? Well-known antenna expert Peter Dodd explains what makes an effective HF antenna, how to […]

  • HF Antenna Collection.

    HF Antenna Collection. An invaluable collection of outstanding articles and short pieces which were published in Radio Communications magazine during the period 1968-89. As well as ingenious designs for single-element, beam and miniature antennas, there is a wealth of information on ancillary topics such as feeders, tuners, baluns, testing, modelling and the mechanics of mounting […]

  • HF Antennas for Everyone.

    HF Antennas for Everyone. The RSGB has always published the very best antenna designs available to the radio amateurs. From the most complex to the very basic, these antennas have provided radio amateurs with much food for thought and practical designs to build. HF Antennas for Everyone draws on 90 of these RadCom and Radio […]

  • International Antenna Collection 2.On Sale

    International Antenna Collection 2. Last Few! A follow-up to the successful International Antenna Collection compiled by the same author. More antennas for most of the amateur bands, both traditional and highly original designs, simple and complex. 200 pages. £5.00 plus p&p

  • Novel Antennas

    Novel Antennas Compiled and edited by Steve Telenius-Lowe PJ4DX Radio Amateurs to one extent or another all experiment with antennas to get the best performance they can. But few have ever considered anything beyond the basic antenna designs – this book tries to set that right with a myriad of ‘novel’ antenna designs from around […]

  • Practical Wire Antennas 2.

    Practical Wire Antennas 2. Based on the hugely popular Practical Wire Antennas by John Heys, this book has been hugely extended and updated. Plenty of original designs are here covering about every type of wire antenna imaginable. Chapters covering feel lines, dipoles, antennas with tuned feeders, loop antennas, en-fed wires, verticals and practical aspects of […]

  • Radio Propagation Explained ¬†

    Radio Propagation Explained¬† Understanding radio propagation is essential for anyone with an interest in radio communications who wants to know how signals travel from A to B. Written by acknowledged expert Steve Nichols G0KYA, Radio Propagation Explained provides everything you need to know about this fascinating topic. Looking at HF to VHF, UHF and beyond […]

  • RSGB Antenna File

    RSGB Antenna File The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) has been promoting Antenna experimentation for 100 years and for most of this time publishing the work done in its monthly journal and has therefore developed a reputation for producing some of the best material on antennas published anywhere. This book is a compilation of […]

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