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  • Advance! The Full Licence Manual.

    Advance! The Full Licence Manual. This is the third course structured to obtain an Amateur Radio Licence. Advance is the final stage in gaining the full licence and has been updated to suit the new syllabus structure. Broken down into logical sections, it’s presented in an easy-to-understand way, making it perfect for home study. £11.99 […]

  • Amateur Radio Exam Secrets.

    Amateur Radio Exam Secrets   For those who are studying for the UK amateur radio examinations and want more information, then this is the book. Covering all three levels of amateur radio licence Amateur Radio Exam Secrets is designed to extend knowledge and test candidate’s comprehension. Amateur Radio Exam Secrets provides the ideal training course […]

  • Amateur Radio Explained.

    OUT OF PRINT. Amateur Radio Explained A Guide to Getting Started in Ham Radio By Ian Poole, G3YWX Written by well-known author and radio amateur Ian Poole, G3YWX, this book provides the ideal introduction to the wonderful world of amateur radio. Amateur Radio Explained is for people first taking an interest in amateur radio and […]

  • Foundation Licence Now!

    Foundation Licence Now! A 32-page soft-covered book that takes you through the syllabus, reinforcing what you will learn on the foundation Course. The course has been designed and introduced for people of all ages and abilities. To take the course you need no formal qualifications. £4.99 plus p&p

  • Getting Started in Amateur Radio

    Getting Started in Amateur Radio By Steve Nichols G0KYA Amateur radio is amazing. It has so many different facets and possibilities that there is something for everyone. Getting Started in Amateur Radio sets out to explore what is possible and get you started on a voyage of discovery. If you want to know something about […]


    HAMSAT Amateur Radio Satellites Explained Since the launch of Sputnik back in 1957 Radio Amateurs have been listening to artificial satellites orbiting above the Earth. A mere four years after the launch of Sputnik, Radio Amateurs put their own satellite into orbit, thus beginning a series of amateur satellite launches that continues over 50 years […]

  • HF Amateur Radio – 2nd Edition.

     HF Amateur Radio – 2nd Edition. By Ian Poole, G3YWZ The HF (or short wave) bands are one of the most interesting areas of amateur radio. Stations from all around the globe can be heard and many interesting contacts can be made. Operating on these frequencies requires many skills if the most is to be […]

  • HF SSB DX Basics  

    HF SSB DX Basics Contacting far flung parts of the world (DX) on the High Frequencies (HF) on single side-band (SSB) is one of the enduring fascinations of amateur radio. HF SSB DX Basics provides a practical guide to making the most of this endlessly fascinating area of operation. Many are put off by the […]

  • Intermediate Licence. Building on the Foundation.

    Intermediate Licence. Building on the Foundation. The second course book in the RSGB’s series, which is structured to progressively obtaining an Amateur Intermediate Licence, this book contains practical exercises, broken down into half-hour worksheets. The ideal companion book for all Amateur Radio Intermediate Licence students. £6.99 plus p&p

  • Morse Code for Radio Amateurs

    Morse Code for Radio Amateurs Now in its 11th Edition, this book has been completely re-written and sets a new standard for books covering Morse code. The accompanying CD can be used in two ways: either on a computer or a standard CD or compatible DVD player, it includes audio files from 5WPM to 15WPM […]

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