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  • Computers in Amateur Radio

    Computers in Amateur Radio Second Edition Edited by Steve White, G3ZVW   For the most the personal computer has become the essential tool to get jobs done quicker, easier, quieter and in less space than ever before. When radio amateurs connect a personal computer to a radio, then it takes the potential of both to […]

  • Electronic Project Building for Beginners.

    SORRY, OUT OF STOCK. Electronic Project Building for Beginners. This book is for complete beginners to electronic project building. It provides a complete introduction to the practical side of this fascinating hobby.. 110 pages. £4.99 plus p&p

  • Elimination of Electrical Noise from 30kHz to 30MHz

    OUT OF STOCK. Elimination of Electrical Noise from 30kHz to 30MHz Many radio amateurs experience electrical noise problems and feel forced off the amateur radio bands. Don Pinnock, G3HVA is a firm believer that radio amateurs should deal with the problems rather than not be forced off the air. Elimination of Electrical Noise therefore tells of […]

  • Test Equipment for the Radio Amateur

    4th Edition By Clive Smith, GM4FZH Many of us would like to analyse the performance of our stations but find that professional test equipment such as spectrum analysers prohibitively expensive. Yet it is can be easy to make many pieces of very useful test equipment yourself at home. Test Equipment for the Radio Amateur is a […]

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