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Well, that’s it then. Another season over; if you could call it that. There seems to be many changes going on and not for the better. Falconers in the UK have been having a rough time of it in recent years. Extended bad weather and then the bird flu H5N8 both contributing to either no flying or having to put their hawks and falcons down for an early moult. I expect there are some falconers out there who have had a good season and sport and I congratulate them. I also hope they had full bags and plenty of tales to tell.

Now we must look forward to the show season. Many bird of prey flying displays will be given at various country shows and in my experience some of them are far from good, to say the least. Why display givers think it is a good idea to have birds sit on peoples’ heads or fly close to children laying down on the grass is beyond me. Some of the commentary I have heard is also mind boggling.

Enough of my gripes, let’s look to reading some excellent articles in this issue. I must thank all of the authors who have taken the time and trouble to submit articles and images to give you another varied magazine. I cannot believe how many willing writers there are, wanting to see their articles and stories published. The quality of their articles is of such a high standard and, mostly, they are authors who do not write for a living.

In the meantime, have a good read.

Issue 109 Contents

News and New Products

Training New Zealand Falcons
Dr. Nick Fox tells us about this wonderful falcon

Majorca Visit
Another experience abroad from Bob Dalton

A chance to win tickets to Countryfile Live

Recent Observations in Trained Golden Eagles
What has Dr. David Glynne Fox found out concerning the Golden Eagle

We Were Falconers. Hawking Clubs: Past, Present and Future
Another article in this series compiled by Paul Beecroft

Surprises, Close Encounters and Hawking Pleasure
Another excellent article of anecdotes from Doug Palmer

New Forest Owl Studio
Stephen Osbourne-Dalby on this business which helps the young and old alike

The Secretary Bird
Dr. Steve Portugal on this bird of prey we cannot categorise

A Perspective on Demonstration Falconry
Tom Morath tells us about flying a bird in displays

Club Directory

IBR Lost and Found


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