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Issue 111

Available 1st November 2017

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 The Falconers and Raptor Conservation Magazine is merging with The World of Falconry from January 2018 so this issue (Autumn, November 1st) will be the last one published in its own right. Please see below for subscription news and details.

It is now Autumn and the flying season is in full swing. I hope that the summer was good for you all with your hawks having a good moult and that you have enjoyed training your new charges. It has always been an exciting time picking up a new bird and going through the training process, with the possible heart-stopping moment along the way, especially for anyone new to our sport.

There is the usual mix of articles in this issue and I hope that you enjoy them all. The internet can be a useful tool especially when seeking out those stories that people wish to tell and I thank Julia Kramer for the lead article on her trip to Brazil with her parents. I sourced her article via the Falconry Hub site on Facebook and would recommend this as a good place to have a look at what other falconers are up to.

My thanks go to all the authors who have taken the time and effort to put ‘pen to paper’ to bring you another full magazine including Dr. David Glynne Fox who, over the years, has written many times for me in his usual efficient style and I thank him for his support of the magazine. Also, a big thank you to vet John Chitty for informing us all with his articles on keeping our hawks in tip-top condition and what to do when things don’t go according to plan.

In the meantime, have a good read.

Issue 111 Contents

Book Reviews and News

Ask Chitty
10 Tips when choosing a healthy new bird

A Trip of a Lifetime
Julia Kramer and her trip to Brazil

A Day in the Life of the Leeds Castle Falconry Team
What is a day like at this iconic venue. Gemma Wright tells us all

What Does an Aviculturist do?
Aviculturist Kerry Baker tells us what she does at International Wildlife Consultants Ltd

Hunting with a Cast of Harris Hawks
Shaun Bannister tells us what it is like to fly a cast of hawks in the field

Elliot Channer – Wildlife Sculptor
Young sculptor making a name for himself in the art world

Golden, Bald Eagle or Vulture?
Dr David Glynne Fox ponders on the feather loss of a raptor

The Challenges of Live TV
Americans Joe and Cordi Atkinson tell us about what it is like working with a film crew

Ospreys in Poole
Stephen Davy-Osborne and the ongoing project to encourage Ospreys to return to Poole harbour

2017 Raptor Weekend
Book signing and more from Dr David Glynne Fox

Club Directory

IBR Lost and Found

The End of an Era
My last words as editor of this publication



The Falconers and Raptor Conservation Magazine has been a falconers’ favourite for almost 20 years and now it’s about to get even better under a new publisher, Solent Design Studio Ltd, with Martin Reynolds at the helm and Bob Dalton as editor. 

The owners of The Falconer and Raptor Conservation Magazine are heading off to a well-earned retirement so now it will merge with the other major magazine in the field, The World of Falconry, and in future will be produced as one quarterly magazine. It is hoped to keep the standard of the new magazine at the level that both, as individual publications, have strived to maintain.

Existing subscribers will automatically be sent the new title until the end of their current subscription and be reminded to renew by the new publisher.

Anyone who currently subscribes to both titles will be ‘credited’ with extra copies, so there’s no need to worry about losing any money as the ‘balance’ of their subscription will be added to the new magazine.

The staff at World of Falconry would like to thank the directors of PW Publishing, Roger Hall and Steve Hunt, for their sterling work over the years, and it goes without saying that a huge debt of gratitude is owed to the editorial skills of Peter Eldrett, ably backed up by his wife Marian.

Full details for the new magazine are available from the address and website below.

The World of Falconry
Incorporating The Falconers and Raptor Conservation Magazine

Pointers Rest, 1 Witt Road, Fair Oak, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO50 7FW

Email: aplomado@btinternet.com

Tel: 07774 267790

Website and subscription information:


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