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  • CQ-GTZM Diary of a Maritime Radio Officer

    SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE. CQ-GTZM Diary of a Maritime Radio Officer Ross Bradshaw G4DTD is a fascinating character who has led an interesting life in radio communications. Ross uses his sharp and sardonic sense of humour well in the introduction of the Diary of a Maritime Radio Officer and his diary is liberally sprinkled with […]

  • Instruments of Amplification

    Instruments of Amplification Peter Friedrichs has written a truly superb book but has chosen a title that really hides its ‘light’ under the proverbial bushel! Armed with the book an interested constructor can literally build a radio from scratch anywhere! Perhaps a better title could have been Desert Island Radio for the Shipwrecked because everything […]

  • NEW! The Long Silence Falls Volume II

    In stock NOW! The Long Silence Falls Volume II The Life and Times of the Merchant Navy Radio Officer 1900-2000   The previous volume, which is now out of print, was extremely successful and sales far exceeded wildest expectations. From the very earliest days of radio, ships carried Radio Officers. However, with the onward march of […]

  • Restoring Old Radio Sets  

    Restoring Old Radio Sets For many, there is nothing more charming than an old broadcast receiver glowing away in a substantial wooden or Bakelite case. However, these are now a rarity and it is much more likely that old radio sets will be non-working curios found at car boot sales in a dusty, unloved condition. […]

  • RSGB Vintage Rig Guide  

    RSGB Vintage Rig Guide Amateur radio equipment saw great changes from the 1960s onwards with the arrival of solid state designs and there is much superb equipment from the latter decades of the 20th Century available in the second hand market. This brand new publication focuses-in on the amateur radio equipment from these decades in […]

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