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PW’s monthly roundup of news from the UK and internationally, including new products, club news and recent events.

Review – the PowAbeam 6CQM6UX 6m Yagi
Vince Lear G3TKN has an in-depth review of the PowAbeam 6-element wideband Yagi for the 6m band.

Transistors, Part 1
David Jardine G0FDV addresses what you’ve always wanted to know about transistors but were afraid to ask!

Making Waves
Steve White G3ZVW looks at the propagation effects of the Aurora Borealis.

A Simple Antenna Matching Unit for VHF
John Adams G3ZSE describes a handy matching unit for the VHF bands, allowing you to make contacts without having a resonant antenna.

You can! Low Budget 70cm EME
Hartmut DG7YBN and Thomas M0ABA report on their successes with low power EME operation on the 70cm band.

Doing it by Design
Tony Nailer G4CFY reflects on progress to date with the Multiband Receiver project, the changing world of amateur radio and where the project may head in future.

The Eighth Practical Wireless 70MHz Contest
Colin Redwood G6MXL invites readers to participate in the Practical Wireless 70MHz Contest.

The Spotless Sun
Our HF specialist Steve Telenius-Lowe PJ4DX reflects on the current state of the sun and what it bodes for HF propagation.

Carrying on the Practical Way
Tony Jones G7ETW returns, this time taking a look at a practical implementation of an age-old measuring device, the resistive bridge.

Watching Signals Passing You By
Steve Ireland VK6VZ/G3ZZD reflects on a modern amateur radio phenomenon and the joys of traditional tuning and searching.

World of VHF
Tom Kirby G4VXE has lots to report, what with summer Sporadic E, satellite activity, aircraft scatter and more.

What Next
Colin Redwood G6MXL covers a number of topics helpful to newcomers and old hands alike.

Emerging Technology
Chris Lorek G4HCL shows how amateur inspired radio techniques are being used in the future of communication, including wireless-controlled robotics ranging from takeaway food delivery to car parking.

Valve & Vintage
ARRL volunteer historian Michael Marinaro WN1M takes us through the history and role of the International Amateur Radio Union.

Locate a rally or event near you; we have our usual comprehensive list.

HF Highlights
Steve Telenius-Lowe PJ4DX has another full column of HF news, with some interesting items about QSLing and operating from Taiwan to add to the mix.

Data Modes
Mike Richards G4WNC describes how you can set up and use the WSPR software and reporting network to compare antennas and equipment.

Friedrichshafen 2016
Don Field G3XTT covers some highlights of this year’s Ham Radio event in Friedrichshafen, southern Germany.

Readers’ Letters
A reflection on how nothing changes, lots more on VHF/UHF activity and software for handhelds.

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