Practical Wireless

Practical Wireless is a unique magazine that has been in continuous publication since 1932. Originally, PW – as it’s known to its friends and readers worldwide – started off as a magazine that dealt with the more practical side of wireless construction for general enthusiasts. However, since 1980, the magazine has aimed itself specifically at the Radio Amateur.
Practical Wireless has always been a ‘doing’ magazine with the accent on the practical, constructional side of Amateur Radio. Renowned for providing good homebrew projects, PW gives full assembly instructions for all types of old and new ideas ranging from the absolute beginner projects in our series called ‘Radio Basics’ to projects for the more advanced Radio Amateur, such as in our series: Carrying On The Practical Way.

Practical Wireless reflects modern trends by regularly featuring reviews of the latest radios and test equipment. It also covers other aspects such as computers in radio communications and ancillaries via reviews and specific features.

The magazine’s unbiased and independent views are highly regarded both by our readers and the trade and regular Special Offer promotions provide an extra market for our advertisers, while providing keen prices for our readers.

Practical Wireless also reflects the wider world of Amateur Radio communication and professional electronic engineering via its bright news pages. There are pages of product information and equipment news which have proved to be very popular with our readers.

PW also likes to remain in contact with our readers by reporting on some of their club events, which are often sponsored by dealers and traders. Another important service that PW provides is the ‘Radio Diary’ page, which is where enthusiasts are kept up to date with all the radio and computer rallies and allied events being held throughout the year.

Through its regular section, ‘Radio Scene’, PW also covers Amateur Radio in space, satellite operation, packet radio, ATV and the world of propagational research.
The whole concept of PW, as launched in 1932 by the original founding Editor, F. J. Camm, continues today with a magazine that is read throughout the world: from Andover to Australia and from the Western Isles of Scotland to remote Western Samoa. Regular readers often tell us how much they enjoy building our projects, reading the equipment reviews, news, product information and everything else that’s going on in the international and far-reaching world of Amateur Radio communications.
A regular glance at the readers’ letters pages will uncover readers writing in from all over the world, including Australia, New Zealand and Europe. These pages provide a ‘soap-box’ where readers can – and do – voice their opinions. They also write in appreciation of PW’s outlook, approach and, perhaps most importantly, the magazine’s caring attitude to its family of loyal readers spread across the globe.

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