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Le Tour de France – In Essex
Keith Rawlings G4MIU tells of the day when the caravane publicitaire and cyclists taking part in Stage 3 of the Tour de France 2014 made their way from Cambridge to London

Scanning Scene
Bill Robertson looks at monitoring DMR, VHF marine radio, frequencies used in East Sussex and satellite signals you can listen out for using your scanner

Competition Prizewinners

Mike Richards looks at low-cost modules used by high altitude balloon enthusiasts that can also be used for bespoke applications at home

Military Matters
Pat Carty reports on his trip to the NATO Summit and some recent Special Force exercises

Sky High
Godfrey Manning reports on a display by the CWHM and BBMF Lancasters, and looks at the schedule for the rationalisation of VORs

Keith Hamer and Garry Smith tell of intense Sporadic-E activity in August but are in no doubt this year’s DXTV season is drawing to a close

Maritime Matters
Robert Connolly reports on the opening of the National Maritime Operations Centre and offers advice to newcomers to maritime communications

Radio Events

Airband News
David Smith tells of an exceptional day at Gatwick Airport and reports on radar going back to its roots

A Simple Homebrew Antenna for 1090MHz
Shaun O’Sullivan G8VPG shares his design for an easy to build antenna for use with Mode-S receiving systems

LM&S Broadcast Matters
Chrissy Brand tunes to Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia and reports on a trial of international radio for disaster relief

Mode-S Virtual Radar
Pat Carty looks at a new app and offers advice on improving range when using a low-cost dongle

MSF Decoded using a PIC Microcontroller
Roger Thomas follows up his look at MSF with a project to receive, decode and display the NPL’s low frequency time signal on 60kHz

News & Products

Radio Related Websites
Chrissy Brand guides you through her compilation of links to podcasts, internet radio stations and blogs

Off the Record
Oscar ponders on the definition of free radio and brings you his roundup of activity on the bands

Comms from Europe
Simon Parker reports on intercontinental DX, the reappearance of a couple of popular products and muses on the use of illegal equipment

Software Spot
This month, we are offering programs for APRS, digital data modes, net management, QSL printing, rig control, satellite tracking, SDR, VoIP and weak signal communication

Playing Away
Andy Howlett G1HBE decided to have a change of tack when he went on holiday and had some fun with a netbook computer, an SDR dongle and a ‘rabbit ears’ antenna

Radio Book Store

Trading Post
Second-hand bargains


Useful links:
Bill Robertson’s latest list of all ShopWatch, Storenet and PubWatch frequencies can be obtained by e-mailing or writing to him. It can also be viewed and downloaded via the following link:

Robert Connolly’s list of VHF channels for use on inland waterways and at marinas and also details of marine radio frequencies and channel numbers can be viewed or downloaded using the following hyperlink.
Inland Waterway & Marina Frequencies

You can contact other readers by joining the RadioUser Readers’ Yahoo! Group e-mail forum. Simply follow the hyperlink to join like-minded readers in discussion, debate and information exchange.
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