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Irresistible Transistor Radios, East and West
Robert Davidson opens his treasure trove and admits readers to his collection of vintage transistor radios from all over the world, explaining their provenance, technical side and historical significance

Scanning Scene
Bill Robertson offers a basic guide to radio communications on the bands of interest to scanner enthusiasts and unlocks the secrets of MPT1327 trunking in the process


Mike Richards evaluates data transmissions and propagation monitoring in the context of the Weak Signal Propagation Reporter software, providing an insight into its usage and reporting system

Military Matters
Pat Carty reflects on the Royal International Air Tattoo 2017 and Exercise Black Swan 2017 as well as providing an update on current virtual radar monitoring software

Book Review
David Harris reviews The Royal Ruler & The Railway DJ by Tony Prince and Jan Šesták

Sky High
Godfrey Manning covers the use of personal locator beacons and explains standard instrument procedures from Heathrow Airport, prior to his updates on displays, operations and frequencies

DXTV, FM & Satellite News
Keith Hamer and Garry Smith report on some exciting TV DX monitoring conditions, owing to enhanced Sporadic-E propagation

Maritime Matters
Robert Connolly summarises recent changes to maritime safety information broadcasts and is concerned about interference and the risks of using pleasure craft with inadequate preparation

News & Products

Airband News
David Smith explains the dangers posed by wake vortices of very large aircraft for smaller ones, reports on increased air traffic in the North and looks at near-misses involving drones

LM&S Broadcast Matters
Chrissy Brand travels Western Canada while tuning into terrestrial and satellite radio and witnesses how local radio helped manage the wildfires in the region this summer. She also provides her customary logs

Simple Radio Test Equipment
Alex Whittaker assesses reasonably-priced and easily-available test gear for hobby radio enthusiasts such as SWR meters, frequency counters, dummy loads, signals generators and oscilloscopes

The Big Digital Challenge! – Part 3
Keith Hamer and Gary Smith close their mini-series on digital long-distance TV signals by looking at target countries, broadcasting standards and transmitter identification, with the help of a useful table

Radio Websites
Chrissy Brand assesses a wide range of websites featuring radio, looking at women in professional UK sports radio, fun apps to try and use and a range of music and talk shows online

Airshow Guide

Off the Record
Oscar the Engineer ponders the history of London tower blocks in free radio, against the background of the Grenfell Tower catastrophe and covers some current pirate radio creativity

Comms from Europe
Simon Parker offers an overview of new and forthcoming transceivers, debunks some myths, stresses the importance of talk networks and analyses rising costs and shrinking CB variety

Radio Events

Software Spot
This month, QSP73 Services offers another fascinating software collection to use with your radio activities, particularly in the areas of Morse code, antenna modelling and short wave monitoring

Radio Book Store, Trading Post, Glossary, Radio Events & Airshow Guide


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