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The Airspy SpyVerter
Mike Richards takes an in-depth look at a new upconverter from Airspy that can extend the coverage of your SDR or conventional VHF/UHF receiver down to near DC

Scanning Scene
Bill Robertson looks at a new DMR and FM 1,000 channel handheld transceiver for under £80 and brings you a reader’s update on the German police’s continued use of NFM

Mike Richards continues his look at the Internet of Things, with some simple programming techniques using the Arduino IDE and Blynk

Military Matters
Pat Carty brings you a miscellany of mil-com related topics, including exercises, the fate of a gate guardian, the floods in Cumbria and aircraft used to attend COP21

Sky High
Godfrey Manning muses on an anomaly, looks at some recent radio innovations and offers an appreciation of the late Brian Lecomber

Keith Hamer and Garry Smith bring you their compilation of Band I and Band II reception reports, and feedback on RFI from LED street lighting and the potential threat from a new hub that uses PLT

Maritime Matters
Robert Connolly looks at the forthcoming changes to the international maritime mobile VHF channels, the cessation of the trial of eLoran and the reception of radiofax from Murmansk

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Radio News Roundup
David Harris offers his selection of radio-related news

Airband News
David Smith comments on LAMP Phase 1a and a project to cut the time aircraft spend in stacks while waiting to land at Heathrow

LM&S Broadcast Matters
Chrissy Brand bids a fanfare farewell to the majority of French and German stations on medium wave and looks forward to some forthcoming broadcasts in February

Robert Connolly looks at the kinds of aeronautical and maritime beacons that can be heard on medium frequencies and the upper end of the low frequency band

Cells & Batteries and their Application
Bob Coombes G4ERV offers his guide to the single use and rechargeable power sources currently available that are likely to be of interest hobby radio enthusiasts

Radio Websites
Chrissy Brand shares a reader’s internet tips to add to your enjoyment while listening to international broadcasters using a conventional receiver and then selects a diverse range of online radio stations

Off the Record
Oscar responds to feedback and considers the whys and wherefores of a good RF earth and a practical antenna for a low power station on medium wave

Comms from Europe
Simon Parker offers his selection of CB and PMR 446 related snippets, with news of cordless microphones, new and updated transceivers, and QRM from Russian taxis and over the horizon radar

Book Review
David Harris looks at the World Radio TV Handbook WRTH 2016

Software Spot
This month, QSP73 Services is offering programs for APRS map generation, Morse training, calculations, satellite tracking, contact logging, propagation prediction, SDR receiver control and associated frequency manager and scanner plugins

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