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The Big Digital Challenge! – Part 1
With digital broadcasting firmly here to stay, our DXTV experts Keith Hamer and Garry Smith offer their guide to long-distance reception of digital multiplexes 

Scanning Scene
Bill Robertson mourns the demise of a worldwide chain of scanner radio stores and reports on several signals from the ISS and a range of satellites orbiting the Earth 

Mike Richards provides an update on installing SpyServer on a Raspberry Pi 3 and on using it with a DVB-T dongle receiver, before recommending more SpyServer adjustments and introducing the Utility DXers Forum

Military Matters
Pat Carty follows up on the Ewyas Harold site, reports on his recent visit to Moscow and Kaliningrad and advises on forthcoming military events and shows of interest

Book Review
David Harris reviews Pinkoes and Traitors: The BBC and the nation 1974 – 1987 by Jean Seaton

Sky High
Godfrey Manning explains how two radio systems, one based on conventional radar, assist pilots to avoid collisions independently of air traffic control

DXTV, FM & Satellite News
Keith Hamer and Garry Smith assess TV and FM DX reception in April, report on a reader’s quest for pictures of transmitter sites and share some unusual satellite test patterns and identification captions

Maritime Matters
Robert Connolly investigates imminent changes to the marine VHF channels, looks at the National Coastwatch Institution, reports on his DSC monitoring and points to the risks posed by fake distress signals

Saw Tooth Antenna – Part 3
In the concluding part of his three-part series on installing an external, low visual impact antenna in his back garden, Kevin Ryan discovered that its performance was better than he originally thought and the perceived problems lay elsewhere

Airband News
David Smith reports on digital control towers, air traffic control related activities to enhance students’ interest in STEM subjects and then highlights a civil drone design competition for children

LM&S Broadcast Matters
Chrissy Brand shares readers’ logs, news and views, including a story from a female DXer in India. Elsewhere, Radio Tirana gets a reprieve of sorts and there are plenty of other exciting stations to log

Moonraker Australia BRX500MP
Keith Rawlings G4MIU shares his initial findings when he tries out an interesting surplus wideband antenna he bought on eBay

Two Antennas, One Socket
Andy Howlett G1HBE shares his experience of building a homebrew diplexer, which means he can now combine the outputs from his LF, MF and HF antenna and his VHF/UHF nest of dipoles into a single output for connection to his wideband SDR receiver

Repairing a Wellbrook ALA1530 Loop Antenna
Having suffered damage during a storm in April 2016, Roger Bunney describes how he replaced the head unit on his trusty Wellbrook ALA1530 loop antenna

Radio Websites
Chrissy Brand reports on a charity fundraising event with some radio voices from the past, shares a reader’s hints and tips regarding transmitter towers and looks at hobby websites and Tahitian radio

Corrections to Sky High June 2017

Off the Record
Oscar muses on the 50th anniversary of the Marine, &c., Broadcasting (Offences) Act 1967 and a forthcoming Pirate BBC Essex broadcast. He introduces the new Cyber Hot Hits and 242 Radio stations and updates readers on AM and FM licences

Comms from Europe
Simon Parker reports on his recent experience with transceivers not working as expected and a Talk Without Borders event. He then updates readers on new equipment and on his competition

Software Spot
This month, QSP73 Services offers another comprehensive software collection to enhance and develop your radio hobby and to expand your operating skills, especially in the areas of logging, calculating, remote control and scanning

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