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bhi Compact In-Line and Dual In-Line Noise Elimination Modules
Mike Richards looks at two products from bhi Ltd. featuring a new and improved noise elimination algorithm

Scanning Scene
Bill Robertson has fun building a VHF/UHF preamp and brings you feedback on frequencies, DMR and useful information contained in the Wireless Telegraphy Register

Mike Richards looks at a more advanced modulation system used for HAB telemetry and brings you an update on Linux Mint

Military Matters
Pat Carty reports on a Links Air flight from Cardiff to Anglesey and tells of his very eventful trip to Budapest

Sky High
Godfrey Manning explains why weather broadcasts are so important to aviation and updates his table of en route non-directional beacons

Keith Hamer and Garry Smith report on amazing conditions in July and a Middle Eastern mystery

Maritime Matters
Robert Connolly considers the MOD statistics on SAR callouts in 2013 and reports on the future of Loran-C and developments associated with eLoran

News & Products

Win a President Grant II ASC V1.05 CB transceiver

Airband News
David Smith reports on a scheme to avoid traffic congestion at Heathrow and refinements to passive ground-based technologies used to detect aircraft

LM&S Broadcast Matters
Chrissy Brand bids farewell to REE broadcasts in English and asks for what top three receivers you would buy if money were no object

Robert Connolly reports on a new lease of life for NDBs and the unusual conditions during the summer

QRM Averse Loop Antenna
Brian Lucas shares his design for a small homebrew LF to HF loop antenna

Radio Related Websites
Chrissy Brand looks at two American radio museums and blog posts on car radios with short wave coverage

Off the Record
Oscar reflects on the wonder of radio and the kinship between broadcaster and listener, the relocation of the Ross Revenge and the amended timetable for medium wave community licences for locations anywhere throughout the UK

Comms from Europe
Simon Parker relays a warning about CB related footage uploaded to video-sharing websites and comes across a couple of brand names he’s not seen for a while

Software Spot
This month, we are offering programs for amateur radio digital voice, antenna analysis, learning Morse code, multimode decoding, QSO logging, spectrum analysis using a low-cost USB SDR dongle and VHF/UHF propagation prediction

Rallies and Radio Related Events

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Useful links:

Bill Robertson’s latest list of all ShopWatch, Storenet and PubWatch frequencies can be obtained by e-mailing or writing to him. It can also be viewed and downloaded via the following link:

Robert Connolly’s list of VHF channels for use on inland waterways and at marinas and also details of marine radio frequencies and channel numbers can be viewed or downloaded using the following hyperlink.
Inland Waterway & Marina Frequencies

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