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  • Amateur Radio Astronomy. 2nd Edition.

    Amateur Radio Astronomy. 2nd Edition.  For everyone interested in radio astronomy Amateur Radio Astronomy is a great source of material to expand your knowledge and also provides a practical guide to making and setting up your own equipment, through to the study signals coming from space. Updated and with over sixty extra pages more than […]

  • Amateur Radio Essentials.

    Amateur Radio Essentials. This soft-backed book is useful! It contains a number of circuits, ideas and techniques not seen before. The Editor should be congratulated as it is most interesting in the way an eclectic selection of very different projects and discussions have been gathered together in such an extremely readable fashion. They range from […]

  • Digital Modes for All Locations.

    OUT OF STOCK. Digital Modes for All Locations. This book is for every person who is interested in amateur radio digital modes as it is simply the most complete book yet written on the subject. Written for the average radio amateur through to the seasoned digital mode expert. 208 pages. £16.95 plus p&p

  • Hart Reviews

    Hart Reviews The Best of Radcom Equipment Reviews There are ‘amateur radio equipment reviews’ and then there are ‘Peter Hart, G3SJX equipment reviews’. For 35 years Peter has been writing amateur radio equipment reviews for the Radio Society of Great Britain’s journal RadCom. These have simply been some of the best equipment reviews published anywhere. […]

  • LF Today

    LF Today  A guide to success on the bands below 1MHz Low frequency operating has never been more popular, and the introduction of a new international amateur allocation at 472kHz means that, with 136kHz, there are now two bands below 1MHz. LF Today distils nearly twenty years experience of the low frequencies and aims to […]

  • New Edition. The Rig Guide

      NEW EDITION. The Rig Guide. What should you pay for a second hand radio? The Rig Guide is a unique publication that sets out to answer the question ‘what is the right price for this radio?’. What will you get for a radio if you trade it in or try to buy or sell […]

  • NEW RSGB Deluxe Logbook & Diary 2017

    RSGB Deluxe Logbook & Diary 2017.   The new version of this best-selling logbook For many nothing sits better on the bench of an amateur radio shack than a well maintained log book, providing at a glance records of those special contacts and those worked over time. If you are looking for an attractive way […]

  • RSGB Amateur Radio Operating Manual. 8th Edition

    RSGB Amateur Radio Operating Manual. 8th Edition Despite what many believe amateur radio is a fast-moving hobby and every year sees numerous changes. Since the first edition of the RSGB Amateur Radio Operating Manual, it has provided the best practical guide to the hobby as it is today and this edition is no exception. The […]

  • RSGB Prefix Guide. New 12th edition.

    RSGB Prefix Guide. New 12th edition. The RSGB Prefix Guide is simply the very latest amateur radio prefix information available and a lot more besides Fully updated with all the very latest changes in the amateur radio world the RSGB Prefix Guide is the best guide available to amateur radio prefixes and it is now in a new easy to read colour format. […]

  • RSGB World Prefix Map – Radio Amateur’s Map of the World

    RSGB World Prefix Map – Radio Amateur’s Map of the World This quality map is printed on top quality silk finished paper. Not only does it show the location of worldwide prefixes, there is also an A-Z list of prefixes and expanded map sections covering the Caribbean and Europe, making them much easier to read. […]

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